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Noite Branca Braga

Website – Noite Branca Braga 2019

This is a special one because is our favorite event of the year and takes place in the heart of our city (Braga, Portugal). For 3 days, more than 100 events, separated with categories like music concerts, artistic performances, and museums transforms the city. The main challenge is to create a website with a mobile-first approach where the user easily finds the right event at the right time.

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During the event, almost 80% of website traffic come from mobile devices.

Website Noite Branca Braga - Alaska agency

More than 100 events in 3 days

With a large number of events distributed for a short period, the main goal is display the events information in the easiest way, so it can be consulted by the user while walking thought the city. The user can search for a specific Event, can see the list of events that are happening, and display them by date and time of category.


Let's build something together?