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Quad Padel

Quad Padel – Branding & E-commerce

We were challenged to create a Padel brand from scratch, where the objective was to imagine a strong visual identity that would be the basis for the design of some products. In addition, the challenge also involved creating an online store and all the necessary e-commerce on the Shopify platform.

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The choice of name fell on the word “Quad”, invoking the association with number four, which represents the number of players in the padel game. The four also can be associated with the geometrics of a padel court. The main element of the branding was also thought to reflect this same shape, being the main element the Q letter like the others have a square shape, but in this one with two openings like the padel courts.

This project had a slightly different aspect than usual, normally our focus is on Branding, E-commerce, and Digital Marketing, but this time we were also responsible for the design of some products such as the rackets, packaging for the balls pack, display for physical stores, T-shirts, among others.

Quad Padel – Branding & E-commerce – Alaska Agency


As Shopify Experts, as the e-commerce platform, we naturally recommend Shopify. In addition to the usual pages where the products are presented, in the rackets product page, we created an extra section in order to show the unique characteristics of each one.

We also created an area dedicated to the team, where we list all the players where our client can add or remove players from the admin area.

In every project that we work on, we always work with conversions in mind and for that, it’s crucial to find and integrate the most popular payment providers. In Portugal, a lot of customers use MB WAY and Multibanco as the main payment method.

Like any Shopify store created by us, the online store is the central hub of the business, but we don’t forget to add sales channels such as the store on Facebook and Instagram.

Quad Padel E-commerce
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